Bell tolls success – again – with powerlifting victory

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In February, Galva native Daniel Bell became the first person to lift more than 2,600 pounds at a powerlifting meet.

At the 2021 Kern U. S. Open in San Diego, Bell added to his legacy by squatting a world record of 1,113 pounds.

But Bell had to overcome two herniated disks that he suffered four weeks before that meet.

Breaking a world record in powerlifting has become as easy as snapping a finger for Daniel Bell.

After squatting 1,113 pounds at the 2021 Kern U. S. Open, he broke his sixth world record.

Bell has a rigorous workout routine when getting ready for competitions. As he was training for the Kern U. S. Open, he woke up one morning not feeling right.

“I was at work and I woke up that morning,” he said. “I felt a little twinge in my low back, but I woke up the next morning and I couldn’t feel my feet. They were tingling like they were asleep, so I thought that was kind of normal, but then I went to walk and my legs were just not working hardly at all.”

Bell suffered two herniated disks in his back. Fortunately, his chiropractor got him back in shape just in time for the meet.

“At two weeks out was when I took my last heavy squat and that was 1074 and after that I had a lot more mental confidence than I had prior because of the injury,” he said.

Bell was competition-ready. The event was very close and it came down to the final deadlift.

“I ended up squatting 505 kilos, 1113 pounds and that was the new world record for a full meet squat,” he said. “I was pretty happy with it after 1,069, my second attempt. I kind of knew it was going to be there, but I haven’t had the struggle with a squat like that in quite some time.”

Bell’s next powerlifting competition will be in November at the Fall Brawl in Canton, Ohio.

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