After 41 years in business, the beloved Tappa’s Steakhouse in west Davenport will be closing in early February.

Cliff and Jan Tappa, owners of the restaurant, at 1620 Rockingham Rd., Davenport, posted on Facebook Tuesday night that they will close on Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. for the last time.

“We would like to thank this community for their love and support throughout all of these wonderful 41 years as it’s time for Cliff and Jan to retire,” the post says. They note that the building is for sale. If you are interested, call Shawn Langan at Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors at 563-343-6597.

The last day of business for Tappa’s Steakhouse, 1620 Rockingham Road, Davenport, will be Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023.

“Thank you again for all of your patronage, friendship and memories,” the post says. “We love you all.”

One of the many comments from satisfied customers includes this from Ellen De Rycke: “The community will miss you, especially the west end of Davenport! Time to enjoy retirement! Thank you for being a constant place to get a great meal for all these years!!”

On the Quad Cities Friends Facebook page, Henry Karp posted: “The Quad Cities is losing one of its landmark institutions! It will not be the same without the local gemstone of Tappa’s Steak House!”

For more information, visit the restaurant website HERE.