Best Cob moving its headquarters to Rock Falls and bringing new jobs to the area

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ROCK FALLS, Ill — Rock Falls, Illinois, will become the official headquarters of Best Cob, which is no stranger to the Sauk Valley. The company will move its headquarters from Independence, Iowa, to Rock Falls but will still operate its business there in Independence. An official with Best Cob says Rock Falls location just made perfect sense.

“When you have a lot of transportation costs associated with that,” Shay Moeller, of Best Cob, said. “You want to look to create some efficiency in your business. So Central Illinois and working with the city of Rock Falls and the State really made this an ideal location to make us put a facility here.”

The mayor of Rock Falls echoed Moeller by adding other businesses could come to the Sauk Valley because of Best Cob.

“Once this business is up and running in full force, the next 20 acres over, the businesses that they do business with may be very well out here,” Mayor Wescott said. “Joining them and adding on so there’s a lot of opportunity down the road we don’t want to get the horse ahead of the cart but there are a lot of possible opportunities just on the fact that they chose to bring their business here.”

In addition, Mayor Wescott said it’s not about just Rock Falls, but businesses can benefit from what the Sauk Valley as a whole has to offer.

“Lower costs of living, and we have tremendous park systems,” Mayor Wescott said. “We have tremendous educational systems here it’s not just rock falls, it’s the community, Sterling, Dixon, this whole area forms a bigger community.”

Whiteside County as a whole has seen positive economic growth over the past year.

From August of 2018 to August of 2019 unemployment in the county dropped .7 percent. The dozens of jobs now heading to Rock Falls should be another step in the right direction.

Additionally, Bethany Bland, president and CEO, of the Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce added this statement via email:

How is our community growing?

Rock Falls has been experiencing dynamic growth in recent years due to a strong economy and the recent availability of prime real estate.  Additionally, years of teamwork and concentrated efforts by the City and local organizations has created an environment ideal for businesses to grow or develop here.  We have a nearly viable and beautiful riverfront with retail locations popping up in that area soon.  Additionally, a new banquet and restaurant facility near the riverfront will be opening soon. The facility is going to have the largest capacity in the area for conventions and large events.  It is replacing a former industrial site and part of the long-term development plan for the riverfront that teams of people have worked on for decades.  We are growing in many ways, restaurants, retail, hotels, industrial, small home businesses, and the service sector too. Best Cob will help our agricultural and manufacturing sector reach new growth as well. Rock Falls is a great place to do business!

What does expansion of Best Cob mean for our jobs economy?

There will always be a need for more jobs with greater benefits.  In recent years, we have lost a few midlevel employers in the region. Thirty plus jobs with a great company in Rock Falls helps fulfill the needs of local people who are out of work, or ready to move into a better position.  This company has been generous with local non-profits and has a true heart for making the place where they are rooted better.  This opportunity will benefit our community with more employment opportunities, another great local product that helps build the value of Rock Falls manufacturing and agricultural community, and truly will impact our town with their involvement. 

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