Two Girl Scouts from Bettendorf have earned the Bronze Award, the highest award Girl Scouts in grades 4-5 can achieve. Adelyn Hepner and Jenna Sinnott from Troop 2728 received the award for building bee houses and planting pollinators. The homes and pollinators provide a safe place for bees to give birth.

“We know we are doing something important to help increase the bee population in our area,” said Jenna. When the Girl Scouts learned that most yards do not have safe places for bees to give birth, they decided to do something about it, spending more than 20 hours gathering materials and building the bee houses. Adelyn and Jenna worked together to make the bee houses, with one holding the wood while the other hammered in the nails. The girls delivered the bee houses and pollinators throughout their community to increase the bee population.

The Bronze Award is available to girls in elementary school who create sustainable change on a community or world issue. Bronze Award Girl Scouts identify a community issue, create a team, develop a plan, and take action. As they transform their world, Bronze Award Girl Scouts gain tangible skills and prove they are the leaders communities and the world needs. For more information on Girl Scouts, click here.