Bettendorf HS hosts mock caucus to educate young voters

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Students at Bettendorf High School learned how the caucus process works by having their own mock caucus.

Cathy Ahrens, a social studies teacher, put on the event Thursday.

“My intent with the mock caucus was to teach students primarily about the caucus process,” Ahrens said.

They chose their candidate, counted votes, eliminated candidates and persuaded others to join their table.

“I decided to participate because I took AP gov last semester so I found out how important it is for us to vote and all of our votes matter and if we don’t vote then our voice isn’t taken in to consideration in the presidential election,” said Kaitlynn Flick, Bettendorf HS Junior.

With more than sixty kids participating, there were lots of voices to be heard.

“I think it probably introduced some of them to the excitement of it, that it’s kind of fun and it’s interesting and they aren’t going to be the only ones that have no idea what’s going on,” Ahrens said. “And actually they’ll know a little bit more about what’s going on than a lot of the people that will be there.”

For students getting ready to vote in their first election, being a part of a mock caucus gives them a better idea of what it will be like on February 3rd.

“I think the concept is really cool because it kind of gives politicians obviously a little idea about how their campaign is running so far and changes that need to be made based on the public opinion so it gives us a say before the actual election takes place,” Flick said.

Bettendorf High School is having a voter registration day Friday. Students will need a drivers license and the last five digits of their social security number.

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