Court proceedings for a 45-year-old Bettendorf man accused of kidnapping and counterfeiting are set for August.

A pretrial conference is scheduled for Aug. 27 in Scott County Court for Jon Kucharo, who faces a charge of forgery, a Class D felony; along with serious misdemeanor charges of driving while his license was denied or revoked, false imprisonment and assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and has waived a speedy trial, court documents say. He was released earlier on bond.

A jury trial is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 6, and may be rescheduled at the pretrial conference.

The incident

Shortly before 2:30 a.m. May 3, officers saw Kucharo driving at a high rate of speed so recklessly the vehicle was bottoming out and causing sparks to fly from the impact in the alley of the 800 block of Brown Street, Bettendorf, an arrets affidavit says.

The vehicle became trapped in a dead-end alley and the driver ran  from the vehicle, Bettendorf Police say in the affidavit. The passenger identified Kucharo as the driver.

The 2007 Nissan Altima was registered to the defendant’s address and Kucharo, who was sweaty, was found in the area with the key in his pocket.

The passenger told police she “had been kidnapped the last two days and held at the defendant’s house against (her) will.”

Kucharo broke two phones to stop the passenger from calling for help, police say. “He took her wheelchair away from her; threw her medications. including her seizure medications, in the garbage; struck her in the head with a broom; and took away her straw, preventing her from being able to drink fluids,” police say in the affidavit.

The passenger also said Kucharo was making counterfeit money.

The passenger, who had injuries to her forehead and nose that had scabbed over, said Kucharo broke the broom handle when he struck her in the back of the head, causing her pain.

The victim said he used the broken broom handle to lock the wheels of her wheelchair before it was taken.

The victim had multiple bruises on her body and pain in her left eye and knees caused from Kucharo throwing her into the vehicle, police said.

His driving status is revoked until Oct. 13, police said.

Officers conducted a search warrant of Kucharo’s residence and found numerous sheets of paper with photographs of U. S. currency, as well as a printer in the kitchen that held a $10 bill on the scanner. One of the sheets contained Kucharo’s signature.