Imagine opening up your banking app one night and seeing a random deposit of over $27,000.

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Bettendorf last week.

Jordyn Martin was playing video games with friends around midnight last Friday night when he opened his banking app to check how much money he had in his account with IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (IHMVCU).

Upon doing that, Martin found a deposit of more than $27,000 in his IHMVCU account.

“I went to check my bank account to see how much I had in there, and I was expecting, you know, maybe a couple hundred bucks,” said Martin. “I looked in there, and there’s a check for like $27,000. I looked down, and I was kind of stunned.”

Immediately, Martin told his friends who he was playing games with.

“I was like, ‘Guys, there’s a check in my bank account for 27 grand,’ and they were like, ‘What, what?!'” said Martin.

He woke up early the next morning to go to the nearest IHMVCU branch so he could tell bank managers about the crazy transaction and ask them questions about it.

When he told them, they informed him it was a mistake, and the money belonged to a different account.

“They looked through the systems, and I guess … I don’t know if they put in a wrong number or something, but they basically put the money in the wrong account, so obviously, they took it back,” said Martin.

Managers with the credit union are thankful Martin told them, and they’re working to make sure a mistake like this doesn’t happen again.

“We were very appreciative of this member’s honesty and understanding surrounding the error on the account,” said Amy Orr, Vice President of Marketing at IHMVCU. “When mistakes like this happen, we definitely work to see how it happened and work to put processes in place to avoid them in the future.”

Martin says, as a token of their gratitude, the credit union is going to give him a little reward after all. 

“I guess they’re sending me, like, a $100 gift card,” said Martin. “I got something out of it still.”