Bettendorf man receives phone bill of almost $3000

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Two weeks before Christmas, Robert Ogan was getting ready to pay his son’s phone bill. What was wrapped in an envelope from his phone company was no Christmas gift.

According to Ogan, a typical bill was no more than $80 to $100. But when Ogan opened this one, to his surprise, it read a total of $2748.

Ogan’s son Declan had been making international calls to a friend he met in Canada.  

“$1900 of the bill were for charges to British Columbia and $600 of the bill were for taxes and surcharges,” said Ogan

He was stressed, confused and had no idea that his son had been making calls to Canada. While 15-year-old Declan did make those calls, he too had no idea that it was not included in his plan. In fact, both Robert and Declan were under the assumption that they were under a plan that included unlimited texts, calls and international calls.

After Ogan reached out to Verizon, they explained that his plan did not include international calls and they couldn’t help him with his bill.

Ogan said he hadn’t received any notification or indication that he had received these charges. Still concerned with the charges, Ogan reached out to Local 4 News.

After hearing his story, we reached out to Verizon to try to find a solution. We were able to get in contact with Verizon and they were able to fix Ogan’s bill while providing us with tips on how this can be avoided.

“In general, it’s important for customers to understand what is included in our plans, and we encourage them to take advantage of new options,” Verizon said in a statement.

This is something both Robert and his son agree with.

“It’s important to have open communication between not only your cell phone provider and yourself and also with your kids,” said Ogan.

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