Voters in the Bettendorf and North Scott Community School Districts on Tuesday approved millions of dollars in school funding in a special election.

In Bettendorf, the vote was 753-203 in favor of renewing its Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL), a fund that raises roughly $2.3 million for the district each year. 

“For our district, this is huge,” said Brietta Collier, the director of financial and business services for the Bettendorf Community School District, said before Tuesday’s vote. “It’s been in place since 2003, so it truly is just a renewal of what is already out there,” Collier said.

Getting PPEL approved again will largely help the district fund school buses and technology for students, such as iPads and Chromebooks.

The next Bettendorf Community School District physical plant levy renewal will be on the ballot Sept. 13, 2022.

In North Scott, the vote was 1,197-510 to support $25 million in bonds for future projects. For North Scott, the $25 million in bonds would fund more than half of the “Vision 2025” project plan, which is estimated to cost $45 million in total.

The plan promises additions to two elementary schools in the district, a new softball field and five other projects to be completed by 2025. While the improvements would initially come at the cost of higher property taxes for voters, Superintendent Joe Stutting predicts taxes will actually go down in the long run. 

“We would raise the tax rate by 22 cents in the year 2025 and then it would drop to eight cents in ’26,” Stutting said. “Then we predict it to fall below the current tax rate we have.”