Bettendorf passes ordinance banning certain types of businesses from entering downtown

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Bettendorf city council passed an ordinance tonight to limit the kind of businesses that can move into downtown.

Any new vaping stores, tattoo parlors, pawn shops, quick loan establishments, adult entertainment establishments and car dealerships will not be able to open there.

City leaders say they made the move to help property values in that area.

“The constituents and businesses felt that there was a need to help support their property values and the business growth in Downtown Bettendorf”, Jeff Reiter, Bettendorf economic development director said. “So through the vetting process, it was determined that these were the types of uses that they wanted to restrict.”

One business owner doesn’t buy it and says running a business well regardless of the type should improve the neighborhood.

“Honestly, if you have a good business, it’s gonna boost all the people coming into that area that are trying to get a good product or good return,” Gunner Gaines, co-owner of Uptown Vapors said. “Like if you wanna go get a tattoo, you’re gonna go to a good area so you know you’ll get good work.”

Uptown Vapors added their location in downtown Bettendorf this year.

The ordinance takes effect next year, however it will not effect any established businesses.

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