On Sunday, April 23l, 2023, at 9:06 a.m., Bettendorf Fire and Bettendorf Police responded to a possible structure fire at 825 Devils Glen Road.

This building is currently an unoccupied vacant apartment building, which had been condemned and declared not safe for habitation by the city of Bettendorf, Police Chief Keith Kimball said Monday, noting initial reports were that smoke was coming from the roof.

After fire and police arrived and entry was made by the fire department, two people were found in the building who appeared to be “squatting” — unlawfully occupying the uninhabited building.

It was further discovered that the structure was not on fire, but in fact the smoke was coming from a wood-burning stove and out a chimney on the roof, Kimball said. The subjects were initially detained by the police for questioning and the investigation is ongoing. 

The building was re-secured and the owners of the building were notified.