Bettendorf Police Department encourages residents to lock their cars amid recent thefts

Local News

Starting on Thursday night, eastern Bettendorf has had car thefts and burglars trying to break into homes. The Bettendorf Police Department had reports of a couple cars stolen over the weekend, but there was a common theme with them according to Police Captain, Justin Paul.

“Everything that we have come across, the reports that we’ve been taking have been vehicles that have been left unlocked, garage doors that have been left open, and keys left in vehicles.”

Captain Paul says that it can be a community effort to eliminate some of the car thefts and burglaries.

“Please lock your cars up, please keep your garage doors closed.” Said Captain Paul. “If you see suspicious activity in the neighborhoods please give us a call. If you happen to look out and see that your neighbor has their garage doors open, give them a call and tell them hey close your garage door, I noticed it was open.”

Local Four News obtained video from Saturday night that shows a man trying to break into a car and then into a house, but the doors were locked. Captain Paul says that this can happen anywhere so people need to lock their doors.

“No neighborhood is exempt from individuals that are gonna try and come in and when they get rewarded with cars being unlocked, keys in cars, they’re gonna come back and they’re gonna try it again. So some preventative measures will go a long way and like I said get this back under control.”

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