Three Quad City men, all 20 years old, were in custody Wednesday after police say they used a slingshot and marbles to damage windows in vehicles – one of them in traffic – and homes to cause more than $9,000 in damages.  

Two people at home during one incident were so scared they got on the floor to avoid being hurt.

Zachary Arguello, Jakob Burke and Christopher Hayes face felony charges of second-degree criminal mischief, conspiracy to commit a felony and intimidation with a dangerous weapon.

On the nights of Feb. 26 and 28, Hayes was driving his white 2007 Chevy Impala and the other two men were passengers.

On the late evening of Feb. 26, they went to the 6700 block of Jakes Lane in Bettendorf, a newly constructed model home. One of them used a slingshot to launch glass/composite marble projectiles at the home, striking and breaking a glass entry door, windows and damaging siding, with about $6,648 in damages, Bettendorf police say in an arrest affidavit.

On the evening of Feb. 28, the three again launched projectiles at vehicles and residences throughout the city of Bettendorf with slingshots. Five additional police reports were filed as a result.

During this time, Hayes and his co-defendants shot at a vehicle, occupied by two victims, and driving in traffic in the 3500 block of Middle Road. The projectile struck the front windshield, causing the windshield to crack, with damage of about $326.50.

Additionally, police say they:

  • Shot and shattered the rear window of an unoccupied vehicle parked in the driveway on the 4300 block of 18h Street, with damage of $412.
  • Shot out a front window on the1200 block of 23rd Street. Two people who were sitting inside the living room near the window that was struck and broken. They were scared and lay flat on the living-room floor to keep from being hit by more projectiles. The window was repaired at a cost of $65.41.
  • Shot out a window on the 3400 block of Central Avenue in a residence occupied at the time. The estimated cost of repair is $300.
  • Shot out a window on the 3800 block of Deertrail Road, where the occupant heard the house get struck. Estimated cost is $1,500.

Total estimated cost of damaged is $9,251.

Hayes admitted to driving the vehicle but would not speak to the actions of the other two. He attributed his lack of memory to a mixture of alcohol and cocaine.

Burke and Arguello admitted all three were involved and said both had a slingshot and launched projectiles out of the window, striking houses, vehicles and other objects.

Police found a slingshot in the Impala.

Arguello, whose address and court dates are unavailable until he goes before a judge on Thursday, was booked Wednesday morning into Scott County Jail. He was being held on a cash-only $25,000 bond.

Burke and Hayes, both of Bettendorf, are scheduled to appear in Scott County Court Friday and again April 2. Both were being held on $10,000 bond in Scott County Jail on Wednesday.