The City of Bettendorf, in partnership with the YMCA of the Iowa Mississippi Valley, is proposing three new amenities to replace Splash Landing, Frozen Landing, and the Life Fitness Center off Middle Road and 23rd Street.

City and YMCA officials will meet Wednesday to discuss the project with local journalists.

This plan still needs to be reviewed and approved by the Bettendorf City Council and the YMCA Corporate Board. Ahead of that decision, there will be two community informational open houses at the Waterfront Convention Center, 2021 State St., Bettendorf:

  • Wednesday, Aug., 24, 5-7 p.m.
  • Monday, Aug. 29, 5-7 p.m.

The Landing consists of three project proposals – a community water park, a versatile ice rink, and a unique recreational center. Bettendorf had dealt with being forced to close its water park, Splash Landing, to most of the public this summer.

In July, the city decided not to open Splash Landing to the public for the rest of this season. Bettendorf had been investigating issues with the paint that was used in the Splash Landing pool since May 2022.

The pool was painted in September 2021 and since opening this year, the paint was steadily deteriorating. The city tried several possible solutions that were recommended by the paint manufacturers.

It was determined, when hundreds of swimmers are in the pool at one time, the failure of the paint causes the water to become cloudy and it is not possible to see the black lines at the bottom of the pool, making it unsafe to a large number of visitors.

For the new Landing project (to cost about $22 million with no city tax increases planned), The City of Bettendorf website provides information:

Costs, details

  • $18.7 million for new water park, paid one-third from the city, YMCA and private donors.
  • $3 million for new ice rink, funded and owned by city.

A new water park would provide more than 20,000 square feet of water recreation, including:

  • Activity pool with rock climbing wall, basketball, floatables, lap lanes, and more
  • 3-story slide tower with 2-story tall FlyTyme Slide, raft/tube slide, open body slide, and speed slide
  • Splash deck with interactive play structure
  • 430-foot Long Lazy River

Replacing Splash Landing would benefit the entire community, the website says, because it would:

  • Serve up to 1,500 people compared to 700 people
  • Open to the public daily
  • Daily admission fee for non-Y members
  • Owned by the city and operated by the YMCA, saving Bettendorf taxpayers $200,000 every year
  • No tax increases

A new ice rink would provide year-round opportunities on 1.2 acres:

  • Larger ice rink with island feature
  • Permanent structure
  • Decorative, safer railing system for beginner skaters
  • Pole lighting system & LED colored string lighting
  • Zamboni room

Replacing Frozen Landing would benefit the entire community:

  • Provide outdoor winter recreation activities
  • Allow additional space for pool patrons and other recreational activities during off-season
  • Owned and operated by the city, saving Bettendorf taxpayers $25,000 to $50,000 every year
  • No tax increases

As part of this proposed plan, the YMCA would acquire and repurpose the Life Fitness Center into a youth-focused Y:

  • Early learning center for 100 additional children in the Quad Cities
  • Gymnastics/Ninja Center
  • Indoor recreational soccer and basketball programs
  • Summer recreational sports camps
  • Youth personal training center

This center would offer additional benefits as well:

  • An 18-month guarantee for indoor tennis players starting Jan. 1, 2023
  • YMCA joiner fee waived for all current LFC members
  • Center remains open for city-run recreation programs in inclement weather
  • Center continues to serve as city emergency shelter
  • Ownership transfers to the Y, saving Bettendorf taxpayers $250,000 every year
  • No tax increase

Learn more, ask questions, submit comments

On Sept. 6, the Bettendorf City Council will set a public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers, 1609 State St., Bettendorf.

You can ask questions/submit comments by clicking here.

To see the City of Bettendorf and YMCA’s full presentation to the Bettendorf City Council, click here.

For more information about The Landing, click here.