Despite warnings, a Quad-City orthodox rabbi is planning to travel to Israel.

The United States Department of State issued a global alert for United States citizens amid the growing crisis in the Middle East. Department spokesperson Matthew Miller warned American citizens to use caution overseas as protests and tensions soar over the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas militants.

Rabbi Shneur Cadaner with Chabad Lubavitch of the Quad Cities will be in Israel from October 22-27, helping the people affected by the Israel-Hamas War. Cadaner spoke about a special painting that was received as a gift. The painting showed civilians and soldiers in Israel praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Cadaner said this is a significant piece of artwork that he decided to have open for show, especially during the ongoing tensions in the Middle East.

“We got this painting from a lady who lived here in the Quad Cities,” Cadaner said. “These are soldiers actually praying at the Western Wall. I took it out and I said right now this is a time to at least have it out now, and then we’ll find a place to hang it.”

Cadaner says he has received a large amount of support throughout the QCA. “We’ve received monetary support, but more importantly the tremendous support from the non-Jewish community as well,” Cadaner said. “Just recently there was an event with 800 Christians showing up for Israel.”

Support shown from the Quad Cities will directly impact the people in Israel affected by the war. “We’ve gotten phone calls, letters, emails showing support,” Cadaner said. “Of course we got monetary donations, and those funds are going to be distributed in Israel while we are there.”

Rabbi Cadaner will be making the trip to Israel with around 25 other rabbis. All of the rabbis will visit soldiers, displaced families and the wounded affected by the Israel-Hamas war. “Whenever you travel to a place of war, it’s taking a risk,” Cadaner said. “I decided that this is my calling, and I’m going to go.”