Bettendorf receives $3 million dollar grant from FEMA to buyout homes

Local News

Homeowners near Duck Creek have been hit with unmanageable Flood Insurance which has made it tough to sell the homes. Bettendorf has received a $3 million dollar grant from FEMA to buyout the homes and turn them into green space.

Some homeowners have said that they will accept any offer from the city to buyout their home, while some are either waiting to see what the offer is or have no plans to leave. Flood Insurance has become a big issue with some people having their insurance raised by $60 dollars a year. Right now some are paying $1,300 dollars a year for Flood Insurance in an area that hasn’t had a major flood since 1990.

Because of the Flood Insurance homeowners have not been able to sell their homes. The homes that Bettendorf is able to buyout will be demolished and turned into a green space.

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