Bettendorf votes to delay closure of Life Fitness Center

Local News

Bettendorf City Council voted to keep the Life Fitness Center open tonight.

The city is estimated to be down 2 million dollars due to the coronavirus and could possibly lose up to 4 million more in the next fiscal year. Gym goers say they’ll be happy to pay higher membership and entry fees to keep the center going.

“Everyone that belongs there and goes there should be ok with that,” Randy Wince, a Bettendorf resident said. “‘Cause if that’s not there, what are their other choices. they’re gonna pay those higher rates somewhere else. It will probably never be more expensive at the Bettendorf Life Fitness Center, as some of the other facilities.”

The city is moving their final decision on the center to October. They’ll be able to re-evaluate the situation when more tax revenue is available, and after raising entry fees for the fitness center.
This will allow Bettendorf to have a better idea of how the fitness center is doing ahead of the referendum on building a new community center with a gym and pool.

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