A Bettendorf woman accused of threatening another woman at Riverdale Heights Elementary School appeared Tuesday morning in Scott County Court.

Kerrie Chapman, 26, appeared briefly before Judge Mike Motto, who set her next appearance at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 22 in Scott County Court.

Local 4 was the only station at the courthouse.

The soft-spoken Chapman wore cowboy boots, a camouflage-design shirt and a blue camouflage-design face covering that matched her blue hair. She told the judge she has a lawyer, and thanked Motto after he set her court schedule and explained her charges.

The incident on Friday

Chapman faces a felony charge of going armed with intent and a misdemeanor charge of assault while displaying a weapon after an incident shortly after 8 a.m. Friday, according to affidavits:

Chapman, who has no prior relationship to the woman she threatened, became upset in the parking lot while children were being dropped off for school.

Chapman left her truck, pounded on another woman’s vehicle, and told her to move. The two argued, and the other woman opened her driver’s-side door.

Chapman removed a folding knife from her pocket, and challenged the other woman to fight. The other woman, who was scared Chapman would hurt her, closed her car door.

Chapman returned to her truck, got a baseball bat, and began to walk around the outside of her truck with the bat.

Chapman later admitted she pulled out the knife and pointed it at the other woman.

Reaction from school administrator

Pleasant Valley Community School District Superintendent Brian Strusz announced the in a letter to families on Friday:

“This morning during drop off at Riverdale Heights Elementary, a person in line left their vehicle and approached another vehicle with a pocket-knife. After a threat was made, the individual returned to their vehicle,” Strusz said in the message.

“The supervising staff immediately brought children into the school, while preparing for lock down should the individual have approached the building,” the message continued. “Law enforcement was contacted and arrived at the scene within minutes without further incident.

“Thank you to everyone for implementing our emergency procedures which allowed for the safety of all students, staff and their families,” Strusz said in the note. “We are sending this communication to be transparent with the unfortunate series of events that occurred this morning.

“This altercation was initiated by the one adult and no children were placed in danger,” Strusz wrote. “The individual displaying the knife was charged by the Bettendorf Police Department.”