The bicycle path dispute in Riverdale continues.

Members of the Quad Cities Bicycle Club and the Corn Belt Running Club have now submitted a petition to the Scott County District Court.

In that petition, riders are asking the judge to get the City of Riverdale to take down the gate separating two bike paths.

The controversy between the riders and neighbors have been brewing for years.

Monday we brought you the story about the City of Bettendorf planning to cut snow removal, and engineering services for Riverdale in retaliation of the connector.

The ongoing dispute continues to heat up as the two groups have raised money to pay for legal costs, and decided to file a lawsuit.

The dispute may end up in court.

Neighbors in the Haven’s Acre community have been battling for years to keep cyclists from cutting through their neighborhood.

Cyclists say the proposed route around that area is unsafe because the sidewalk is only a few feet from fast moving traffic on Highway 67.

“There’s been no accidents yet crossing 67, but I’ve had friends that have almost been hit, and it was just by them reacting quickly that they didn’t get hit. We shouldn’t have to rely on quick good reactions in order to be safe.” says John Harrington, Former QC Bicycle Club President. “No way was this the route we want to go, but at this point there’s no choice. We need to make the route for runners and cyclists safe. “

Riverdale’s Mayor Mike Bawden says court may be the appropriate place to hash out the dispute.

“We think we’re right, and there are other people who think they are right. It’s time to have an objective third party sit down , walk through all of it, and figure out what the best thing is to do,” says Bawden.

The two clubs have raised about $11,000 to pursue their lawsuit, by raising money through a GoFundMe Page, and the Tour De Gate event Local 4 covered at the beginning of this month.