The Quad Cities Bicycle Club and Cornbelt Running Club joined forces to try to get the connector between the Mississippi River Trail, and the Duck Creek Trail open again through South Kensington Street in Riverdale.

The controversy between the riders and neighbors has been brewing for years.

Back in June, Riverdale’s City Council voted unanimously to lock the gate after neighbors expressed concerns about riders and pedestrian traffic.

The decision is now forcing trail users to cross U.S Highway 67.

This week city leaders said they would not reconsider reopening the gate.

“We were disappointed by the outcome. The mayor read the resolution, and no council member would vote on it,” says John Harrington, Quad Cities Bike Club member.

That decision is now forcing trail users to cross Highway 67.

“I told the council I didn’t think it was safe. It would be a path that would narrow down to 10 ft to 6 ft. Really the safest way is to leave the gate open, and go under 67 instead of over 67,” says Harrington.

In response, to the city’s decision the bicycle club has hired an attorney to see if there are any legal options.

They have also set up a go fund me account to help raise funds.

“Both the Cornbelt Running Club, and the Quad Cities Bicycle Club have together contributed $2,500, and I started the Gofundme last night to raise another $10,000. Our attorney thinks that will do the job. As of this morning we were a quarter of the way there,” says Harrington.

Harrington says he’s hoping that there can be a resolution to satisfy all parties.

“We’ll go down two tracks. Our first track is on the legal side. I have no idea how that will come out. If Riverdale reaches out we’ll certainly sit down and discuss,” says Harrington.

The cyclists are almost halfway at their goal for the GoFundMe Page.