A petition to get weed legalized is making its way through Iowa.

For the next four weeks, a billboard is up in Des Moines off Highway I-235.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NORML, is working to get signatures from people in each county.

Josh Montgomery, a member of the Iowa State Chapter, said their main reasons for getting weed legalized in Iowa are to decriminalize it to help with justice reform, the economic value it can bring to the state and it’s an agriculture product people should be able to choose if they want to use or not.

Another point he had was that Iowa residents are driving to other states where weed is legal and then taking it back to Iowa.

The Davenport Police Department released a statement on what they are doing to work to prevent that.

“In conjunction with our partner agencies, the Davenport Police Department continues to investigate illegal drug activity occurring within our jurisdiction regardless of the origin of the illegal activity.”

Members of NORML currently have 1,000 signatures and say they are hoping for 10,000 as the billboard gives them more exposure.

They plan to do an ad campaign on social media as well before sending each Iowa representative a letter asking them to legalize marijuana.

More information about that can be found here.