The Bison Bridge Foundation is rallying the community and all Interstate 80 bridge enthusiasts to join an important virtual public meeting scheduled for 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15, according to a news release.

The Illinois and Iowa Departments of Transportation (DOT) will present their plans for the new I-80 Bridge, which crosses the Mississippi River.


The Bison Bridge Foundation, an organization on a mission to preserve and repurpose the current I-80 Bridge to transform it into a unique land bridge and public park space for pedestrians and bison, urges the public to participate in this critical meeting, the release says. Registration

To register, visit here.

The future of the current I-80 Bridge is at a pivotal crossroads, and the decisions made during this meeting will shape its destiny, the release says. “The Bison Bridge Foundation has been tirelessly advocating for preserving and transforming this iconic structure for over four years, gaining significant national media attention, nearly 40,000 signatures of support, and the endorsement of local and regional clubs, groups, and elected officials from both sides of the river,” the release says.

While the foundation does not have influence over the proposed alignment of the new bridge, the Bison Bridge team is committed to representing the interests and desires of the local community, the release says. “The public’s participation in this meeting is crucial to show support for repurposing the I-80 Bridge into a public space that harmoniously connects nature and urban life,” the release shows.

Chad Pregracke

“Wednesday’s meeting marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of the Bison Bridge project. With the unwavering support of thousands, we urge each and every one of you to register for this crucial online gathering. This visionary repurposing initiative not only unites two bike paths but also promises to elevate the Quad Cities into an even more vibrant and interconnected community. Your presence at the meeting is not just an act of support but a powerful statement, transforming our region for the better.” says Bison Bridge Foundation’s President and Founder Chad Pregracke.

Register for the meeting here.

About the Bison Bridge Foundation:

The Bison Bridge Foundation is dedicated to preserving the I-80 Bridge and transforming it into a land bridge, consisting of a multi-use recreational and wildlife crossing connecting the Illinois and Iowa river fronts on the Mississippi River.