Bix 7 brings runners old, new to compete in race

Local News

The 45th year of the Bix 7 race had its fair share of people competing for the first time, but also lots of return runners.

Frank Bay from Moline received his 25 year pin Saturday.

Trena Watson from Davenport has done the race for 22 years, while her friend Ann Harris from Bettendorf has been running in it for 16 years.

Every runner has their own reason for competing in the race.

“I had heart surgery ten years ago and this was the first race that I ran after heart surgery,” said Dave Craddick from Moline.

Even with the demanding 7-mile sprint, runners continue to come back.

“It’s fun,” said Tammy Hamilton. “It’s something to train for and it’s just worth it when it’s all over with.”

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