A black bear that was first spotted on the loose in Clinton County has now made its way to Scott County.

At approximately 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa State Police responded to the scene, located near Eldridge.

Over 100 cars were lined up along Iowa Highway 130 as bystanders were trying to catch a glimpse of the furry creature and make sure it stayed off Interstate 80.

Local 4’s Ryan Risky saw the black bear go into a field. Moments later, he said the bear was seen walking alongside the field and seemed irritated by the crowds.

Crews were busy keeping track of onlookers during this time. With the use of horns and sirens, they were also trying to redirect the bear to travel north.

The state conservation officer for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the bear most likely came from the Minnesota-Wisconsin area, searching for new territory.

His thought is it will roam back up there on its own within the next couple of days.