Black Hawk College just got some good news about one of their programs.

The college’s Practical Nursing program has been named the #2 ranked Practical Nursing program in Illinois by They received an overall score of 97.11 out of 100. reviewed all 38 state-approved LPN programs in Illinois to rank the Top 10.

“We take pride in recognizing exceptional programs, and your institution has been acknowledged for its excellence in Illinois,” the announcement from said.

The process evaluates several factors, including past and present first-time NCLEX-PN pass rates, weighted by year. The website says the methodology makes sure evaluators assess how well programs support students working toward licensure and beyond.

“Being ranked #2 in the state is a great honor,” said Trudy Starr, chair of the BHC Nursing Department. “Black Hawk College is very proud of the dedication and commitment to the students of our Practical Nursing faculty members Kathy Dusthimer, Jody Lindstrom and Angela Czubara,” she said.

The Black Hawk College Practical Nursing program prepares students for direct patient care and performing skilled tasks under the direction of a doctor or RN. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) work in hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, clinics and community agencies.

For more information on Black Hawk’s Practical Nursing program, click here.