A businesswoman based in the Quad Cities has managed to expand her operation during the pandemic and is getting international attention.

Brittany Washington founded My Beautiful Fluff in 2015. This plus-sized-focused brand emphasizes women’s empowerment through its mission and products.

Washington said the pandemic was a blessing and a curse for her business. While it kept her from traveling and networking; she was able to spend more time online to grow her business. Washington has been able to gather over 30 thousand supporters on various social media sites and met some of her closest friends to date.

“People in my community are more than just people that shop with me; they believe in my dreams, and they support my business and me” Washington said.

Her products are geared towards women with curves and natural hair textures. Not only does My Beautiful Fluff sell t-shirts sizes Large- 5XL, they offer jewelry, home décor and journals designed to empower and uplift.

“I could be ready to quit and I get a message from someone that tells me how much the self-love notebook means,” Washington said. The affirmations that my journals helped people through a dark place makes me feel better about being able to help other people because I’ve been there myself.”

Brittany is part of the Tik-Tok black accelerator program, which has led to her business being displayed on a billboard in California.

To learn more about Brittany’s story or to shop with My Beautiful Fluff click here.