Blood Center looking for plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients

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Snow impacting the amount of blood donations in the area

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is looking for plasma donors who recently recovered from COVID-19 to help treat others with the infection.

The Food and Drug Administration announced last week that it will be facilitating convalescent plasma therapy, a possible treatment for COVID-19.

Under the therapy, convalescent plasma containing antibodies, is taken from donors who have recently recovered from COVID-19 to help fight the infection in others.

Qualified donors must have a positive test for COVID-19 and be fully recovered for at least 14 days.

According to the FDA, it is not known if convalescent plasma will be an effective treatment against COVID-19 and the treatment is being investigated.

More information on who can donate and where, can be found here.

Tiffany Pinckney poses for a portrait in the Harlem neighborhood of New York on April 1, 2020. After a period of quarantine at home separated from her children, she has recovered from COVID-19. Pinckney became one of the nations first donors of “convalescent plasma.” Doctors around the world are dusting off a century-old treatment for infections: Infusions of blood plasma teeming with immune molecules that helped survivors beat the new coronavirus. (AP Photo/Marshall Ritzell)

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