Blood donations down over the holiday season

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The holidays are a season of giving.

And this year, there’s one gift in particular needed in the Quad Cities.

“This week is really challenging for the blood supply,” said Lori Arguello of the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. “Traditionally right around the holidays is when donations dip. People are just busy doing other things, so we though we would just come to where people are, out at the mall shopping.”

The demand for blood remains high year round.

So they got help some this year.

From the Davenport Central choir.

“Saving lives and helping to save lives in our community is one way we can give back to our community that gives back so much to us,” said Michael Reese, the Davenport Central choir teacher. “So we try to do this as a little end of the year thank you to the community and the donors that are here today to give.”

Its completely on a volunteer basis and this year they had 70 students and alumni show up.

And they had very few rehearsals together.

So how did it go?

“I thought they did a great job. And again, you can tell that by watching the smiles on people’s faces here as they’re watching the group sing,” said Reese.

But it also helped accomplish something else.

Getting people in the door.

“Well what really brought me out first was the carolers, but I try to donate as often as I can so it worked out,” said Stephanie Meyer, who donated blood today.

Stephanie Meyers is only in town for the holidays.

And she knows first hand the importance of donating.

“I lost a sister to colon cancer and what helped her so much was the blood donations she received throughout her treatment,” said Meyers.

Sometimes the hottest gifts during the holidays are hard to come by.

But not this one.

“Donate and help saves lives and do something this time of year that doesn’t cost any money to them, it just takes time,” said Reese.

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