Blood donors needed ahead of disaster

Local News

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center has lower levels of blood than usual causing them to need more donors.

“We’re really concerned about the status of our blood supply right now because we’ve gotta make sure local needs are met, that’s our first priority,” said Kirby Winn, public relations manager.

With Hurricane Dorian making its way to the U.S. coast, the center may be asked to send blood to areas in need.

“We also want to have some margin extra, additional inventory that we could ship so that we could respond to requests that might come from the South East,” Winn said.

In the past, the center has sent blood to places affected by natural disasters.

Areas that are affected see a decrease in blood due to lack of donation opportunities for donors in the location.

Melinda Mclaughlin has been donating blood for forty years.

“For me personally it feels good to be able to help others,” she said.

She said she enjoys the screenings that happened at each visit.

“They check your blood pressure, your hemoglobin levels, you know, it’s good for me as well,” Mclaughlin said.

A person can donate blood every eight weeks. It takes about eight to ten minutes to donate the blood, but the time at the center could take up to an hour.

For more information on how and where you can donate, visit the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center’s website.

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