Police officers have to think fast especially when it comes to life and death situations.

The Blue Grass Police Department is inviting residents to learn and understand what officers go through.

It’s all made possible with the MILO Range Force Simulator.

Local 4’s Karla Sosa shows us what real-life situations she faced when going through the training herself.

Flash lights, pepper spary and a gun, those where the items that i was allowed to use for my training
But before i got into my real-life scenarios Blue Grass Police Chief Garrett Jahns gave me some basic training

Then it was time for my first scenario: I pulled someone over after they ran a red light and then asked the driver multiple times to get off their phone

“Ma’am please get off the phone, ma’am please get off the phone.”

Things escalated in a blink of an eye.

“Its my friend’s I”m just returning it to him here my hands are on the wheel, back up, would I get back up now it’s almost been too long, shots fired.”

Police say the mistake I made was letting my guard down and asking for advice while the scene was still active

Blue Grass Police chief Garrett Jahns said the MILO Range Force Simulator is a $25,000 program that was made possible due to grants and donations from the community, with the purpose of letting people know what police officers experience.

“We are able to show them what it is that we face on a daily bases out on the street and how we make those decisions that we have to make and it’s a very eye opening experience,” said Jahns.

The next real-life scenario was going to a home for a distrubance, this time chief Jahns joined me so I could learn how officers work together to protect themselves

“Listen to us please, please, you blue shirt come here, come here come towards us, come towards us back, back, back, good job you got him that time.”

Then we went back to see how i did in that situation

“You got him.”

Chief Jahns says he recommends this training for anyone 14 and over.

The simulator will be at the Blue Grass Police Department until the end of the month.
Then it will go to the Eldridge Police Department, Le Claire and then back to Blue Grass.