The Quad City Botanical Center seeks storytellers to contribute to its newest exhibit, “Plants of the World: People Behind the Plants.” This new, unique exhibit is being designed to capture stories of Quad Citizens from around the world – who now call the Quad Cities home, a news release says. 

The Quad City Botanical Center is located at 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island

The tropical Sun Garden houses hundreds of varieties of tropical plants from around the world, and they have the potential to tell meaningful stories about the people that enjoy them. If you grew up in or spent formative years in a part of the world that had plants like Cacao, Banana, Monstera, Bird of Paradise, Fishtail Palms, Chewing Gum, Coffee, Croton, Crown of Thorns, Pink Powder Puff, and more – the center wants to connect with you in an effort to learn more about their meaning in your life. “Join us in our efforts to honor the role that plants play in our daily lives, and bring the memories they create to life,” the release says. 

The finished product of this exhibit will feature interpretive signage, personal anecdotes, an audio tour and more designed to capture memories that hold a special place in people’s lives.

To set up a complimentary tour to learn more about Sun Garden plants and to share your story, contact Amelia Seutter at or 309-794-0991 prior to your visit.

General admission hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.5- p.m. Sunday, at the center, 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island.