Breaking down the DeShawn Tatum video footage released Wednesday

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Rock Island police officers were justified when they used deadly force and killed 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum earlier this month.

That conclusion from Rock Island County’s State’s Attorney Dora Villareal on the day she also released video of the police shooting.

“The evidence in this case shows that Tatum would not relent in his attempt to escape and that he fully intended to hurt the officers and/or force the officers to hurt him, making their decisions to use deadly force objectively reasonable,” Villareal said. “The statements of the officers along with witness accounts affirm the conclusion that the use of deadly force was objectively reasonable.”

The video released Wednesday is giving us a closer look into what happened leading up to that deadly shooting.

Police say they were searching for Tatum after he posted videos on Snapchat holding a gun — and threatening officers.

They say he also had outstanding warrants for local and federal felonies.

In the video above, you can see police first found him at Chippiannock Cemetary and can hear them yelling for him to drop a gun.

From there, another officer’s dash cam picked up Tatum running and throwing a gun on the ground.

Officers then chased Tatum to the Chicken Shack at Kum & Shop gas station on 11th Street.

Store surveillance video shows Tatum pulling a woman away from a car and trying to drive off.

When officers tried to pull Tatum out from the vehicle he backed up and accelerated.

Those officers cling to the car while appearing to be dragged underneath.

The stolen car ended up slamming into the gas station and that’s when officers opened fire.

Shots hit Tatum in the head and chest and he later died at a local hospital.

Authorities tell us the gun recovered at the scene was connected to six other recent shootings.

Read the full report and see additional video by clicking here.

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