Breasia Terrell’s mother waits at scene after human remains found in Clinton County near Dewitt

Local News

The discovery of human remains in Clinton County is once again bringing up questions surrounding missing 11-year-old Breasia Terrell.

The Local 4 News team covering Tuesday’s developments in Clinton County noticed Breasia’s mother, Aishia Lankford, was there on the scene.

She was standing in the rain being supported by what appeared to be family and friends.

Local 4 News asked Lankford if she wanted to speak with us, however she declined comment.

We have been following this story since Breasia was first reported missing in July 2020.

Speaking with Lankford back in November, she was hopeful her daughter was alive, and would eventually make a safe return home.

“I write in my book a lot so that when she comes home she’ll be able to know this is what my mom was going through. This is what she was thinking. I mean I think about it everyday. I write about it everyday. I can’t wait until she’s actually in my arms. It’s about getting the word out, and getting her face seen, and keeping her name everywhere,” said Lankford.

Police said the remains could not be identified by gender, race or age at this point and it could be a “week or two” before positive identification can be made.

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