Bride’s car stolen in Davenport–With her wedding dress inside

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A bride to be upset tonight after thieves steal her car, but most of her anger surrounds what was inside at the time.

Kylee Howell came to Dewitt from Cedar Rapids to pick up her dress. She decided to hang out with some friends in Davenport afterwards.

That’s when she says her car was stolen, along with the dress.

She picked out her dress last summer, and it took 7 whole months for it to arrive at the store for her wedding in September.

“It’s just been really devastating and really hard,” Kylee Howell, a bride to be from Cedar Rapids said. “Just kinda to process everything. I don’t understand why people would steal a vehicle, like what the reason would be for that.”

Howell was hanging out with her friends after dinner, when she noticed her keys weren’t where she put them.

“Maybe I just like misplaced them, maybe they fell out of my purse or something out back by my car,” Howell said. “So I went to go walk to the back, behind the garage where my car was parked, just to kinda look around the area and realized that my car was gone.”

Her 2015 Kia Sorrento, seen in this snapchat, was stolen from her friend’s house on Eastmere Drive. With car seats and her dress, which cost more than $1,400, in the back.

“I mean, obviously it’s an item, it can be replaced,” Howell said. “But just the fact that like, it was my dream dress, I can’t picture myself wearing anything but that, I had been imagining myself wearing this dress for the past 8 months.”

Howell says that she hopes the thief will do the right thing and turn themselves in.

“Get some help, or just, I don’t know. Just stop doing what your doing so no one else has to go through what I’m going through,” Howell said. “Because it’s not an easy process, and it’s definitely not fun to deal with. It’s pretty heartbreaking.”

Howell’s grey Sorrento has an Iowa Hawkeye decal on the bottom left of her back window, and has a Linn county plate.

If you think you see her car, call Davenport Police at 563-326-7979.

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