Bruce Campbell visits Midway Drive In for his Keep Your Distance Tour

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Well known actor Bruce Campbell is visiting drive in theaters around the country as part of his Keep Your Distance Tour. The star of the Evil Dead trilogy and Burn Notice made his first stop in Sterling at the Midway Drive In.

The movie industry has been influx with Hollywood shut down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Campbell then took it upon himself to get creative and find a way to safely interact with fans.

I was not going to tour this year. I was going to stay home and write new stuff and do other things and when this happened I feel like I sort of had a call to arms of like lets get out there and see if we can help jump start my industry.”

The Midway Drive In is celebrating its 70th anniversary and Campbell came out for their flashback weekend. Hundreds came out to for the event and it was a packed house. Campbell says that he was at the Midway before and enjoyed it.

“I was here 10 years ago and I remembered that this place was here and when all this Covid business came down my industry sort of took a dive and all of a sudden drive ins are now hip again and I thought wait a minute lets go back to the Midway.”

Campbell says it’s very exciting for fans because it’s a new experience with the way technology has evolved and how America has rediscovered drive in theaters.

“This is a pretty safe way to do it. People are in their cars and now the funny thing is with technology you can listen to it through your radio so it’s gonna sound better than your father’s old smelly drive in so it’s a new experience with digital projection.”

After taking a photo with each fan Campbell did a Q&A before finishing the night off by screening Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. Campbell says it was great to interact with fans and they enjoyed being able to meet their idol and take a photo with him just as much.

“I never thought I would actually be able to meet the guy that I used to watch as a little kid sitting in my bedroom late at night. 11 o’clock pm got to watch his horror movies.”

“Very down to earth guy. Just actually him coming and being able to do this after everything right now shows he’s pretty cool.”

The Midway Drive In will continue the celebration for their 70th anniversary next weekend by screening Iron Man as well as Beauty and The Beast.

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