Bullets interrupt quiet Lynden Lane neighborhood

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A Rock Island subdivision is caught off guard after gunshots rang out Thursday night.

It happened just before 9 p.m. in the Lynden Lane Housing Complex.

Rock Island Police said no one was hurt but one home was damaged.

Neighbors told Local 4 News they heard fix to six gunshots.

That’s leaving the people who live in Lynden Lane puzzled.

Those who spoke with Local 4 News describe it as a passively quiet place and that parents don’t need to worry about letting their kids play outside in the afternoon.

That makes the bullets that broke into one of the houses all the more difficult to understand.

Neighbor Golda Dick said, “We were putting our 4-year-old to bed, and all of the sudden we heard just a pop, pop, pop. Pop, pop.”

It’s not how Lynden Lane normally goes to bed.

Neighbor Walter Campbell said, “Pow, pow, pow, pow, and I told my wife that sounds like gunshots.”

While some in this subdivision, like Walter Campbell, were quick to place the noise.
For some of his neighbors, it’s such an unfamiliar sound in this neck of the woods, their first thought was firecrackers.

Dick said, “A little after 4th of July but they do still sell fireworks and stuff so maybe that was it, but the succession of it and then nothing else after that.”

That what the tenant of the home where some of those bullets landed, first thought as well.

The tenant said, “Three went into my home, two went into the garage and one went through the front entrance area.”

She said it wasn’t until the police came to her door that she realized her home had been hit.

“Then the police officer came in, ‘so you guys heard gun shots.’ I’m like no. Fireworks. And he’s like no we got a call about shots fired and that’s when he showed me the bullet holes,” the tenant said.

She told Local 4 News, she was home with one of her sons and mother, saying while shaken, they’re doing fine.
The same can’t be said for the house.

The tenant said, “One of the bullets hit a water pipe so it flooded my apartment.”

The bullets also went into the main part of the house as well. One had left a hole in the wall at the base of the second-floor landing.

She said she’s thankful her nieces hadn’t arrived yet.

The tenant said, “And they usually play in the garage and that’s what made it so much scarier because they came late last night. They usually come a little bit earlier.”

But the mystery she can’t solve is why the bullets went into her home…or were in this neighborhood at all.
Those in Lynden Lane just hope to get back to the peace and quiet normally abundant at this address.

Campbell said, “Bullets have no name on them, they travel where they want to go.”

“With everything that’s going on in the world right now, with El Paso and Ohio and all of that stuff, when it comes to your front door, it makes you wonder what can you do and at this point, we don’t really know what to do,” said Dick.

Golda Dick said she’s lived in the neighborhood for about four years and this is the first time she recalls an incident like this happening.

Another neighbor who spoke with Local 4 News said that she heard someone arguing shortly before the shooting was heard.

Local 4 News also spoke with Rock Island Police who said the search for the people responsible is ongoing.

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