Burlington coming together after wave of violence this summer

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BURLINGTON, IA — The City of Burlington is trying to come together as the town has been rocked by violence this summer. So far, it has been reported that there were 12 shots fire calls and two confirmed fatalities and three people injured by gun fire. One city councilman is calling on residents to stand united and fight back against the crime.

“We need to trust our police department, they are trying to be as proactive as possible. And again, it’s an old re-frame but we need to rise up and start watching each other,” Jon Billups said. “We need to look out for each other. Keep our blinders off that seems to be a tendency now as we have our blinders on. We see something going on and we don’t get involved or we don’t report it. We need to report it so we can respond to it.”

In the midst of the violence city leaders and the community as a whole have come together at prayer vigils and public hearings coming up with ways to stop the violence. Coming up on September 23rd, they will meet at The Loft on Jefferson to find solutions to stop and prevent crime and act on it.

“We’re bringing individuals of the community together to talk about how we can as a community make a difference in what’s currently happening in our are,” Rev. Melisa Bracht-Wagner said.

Bracht-Wagner said it is important for the community to have these types of forums for many reasons.

“To find a solution we can’t just look at the city council. The police department or the fire department we all have to play an active role to change and make our community positive again,” Rev. Melisa Bracht-Wagner said.

As mentioned, city leaders and officials will meet with the community on September 23rd to continue the discussion on how to stop the violence.

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