Burlington’s Police Chief wants community to help combat against crime

Local News

BURLINGTON — The candles for last night vigil honoring Reynaldo Villarreal still sit on the front steps of his nephew’s house where he was shot and killed becoming the city’s third homicide.

Burlington’s police chief Dennis Kramer says residents can work alongside his department to help prevent crime.

“When you see crime, or you think you see something in progress don’t hesitate to call. And calling 9-1-1 in that particular situation you can do that. You don’t need to call the non emergency number. that would be an emergency situation,” Kramer said.

Additionally, Kramer said residents can install home security systems such as surveillance cameras which can be helpful to catch criminals.

” I know it’s very valuable to us when people come forward and people say hey I have video of something that happened on this block last and they come forward and bring us video — and we’re able to identity persons vehicles and establish a timeline and it has helped us in prosecution in the past,” Kramer said.

Though the homicide count is at the highest level since 2015, Chief Kramer says overall, the number of violent crimes are lower from years’ prior and rest assured, his city is still a safe place to live.

“We do have crime here like in any community. I mean crimes… violent crimes are what we focus on. We work very diligently ourselves plus with our communities to solve those violent crimes. In a timely matter just to bring the person responsible for it to justice,” Kramer said.

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