Business owners react to new Bettendorf restrictions

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Bettendorf city council passed an ordinance Tuesday that bans certain types of businesses from entering downtown.

Among those are car dealerships, pawn shops, vape shops and tattoo parlors.

“We’ve revisited our master plan for downtown, and we thought the restriction or limitation on certain types of businesses would be a good idea.” Jeff Reiter, Bettendorf Economic Development director said.

“Promote more walkability, livability, and places where people could shop and feel good about the downtown environment.”

The city says that walkability affects property values in the area.

“The constituents and the business owners in downtown felt that there was a need to actually help support their property values, and the business growth in downtown Bettendorf.”

But one business owner says that his business shouldn’t affect how people view downtown.

“What’s walkable in downtown Bettendorf that people actually wanna come and do?” Michael Ayers, owner of Arch Rivals Tattoo & Piercing said.

Ayers has been in business in downtown for 10 years. He says that tattoo shops are on the list because of negative perceptions.

“I mean we’re hardworking people just like anybody else.” Ayers said. “Trying to make a living, trying to provide for our family. You know none of us break the law.”

The ordinance doesn’t affect current businesses that have a banned use.

The ordinance would take effect next year.

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