Not only did the pandemic throw a curve ball at the River Bandits but also nearby businesses.

Tuesday night’s game will bring more activity to businesses like the Frieght House, the building shares a parking lot with the stadium and is home to a couple of restaurants and a brewery.

“Riverbandits starting tonight it’ll be good to see all those customers coming out again.”

That’s how Front Street Brewery manager Christina Bennett feels about Minor League Baseball’s return to the Quad Cities. Before the pandemic, people would grab some brews before home games. As things start to reopen Bennett feels this will help bring back some much needed foot traffic.

“It was quieter and we’ve missed having the baseball games down here they really do help with our business here,” said Bennett.

Giovanni Sgro is the co-owner of Antonella’s Pizzeria II and says the staff is excited for the baseball crowd.

“Prior to the game people do come down here before hand so it’s more of an adrenaline rush for all of us here and we have the occasional flowoff people come after the game come in afterwards,” said Sgro.

The atmosphere that River Bandits games bring to Downtown Davenport is something Sgro says can’t be copied.

“We’re very excited to see the different cultures come in and the excitement of the kids, they’re super excited for the game, face paintings and everything its very cool to see you don’t get to see that anymore,” said Sgro. “For this area here its very important to have things like that I mean just for everyone in general to have baseball come back is amazing because that’s a huge thing.”