Businesses are excited the annual Red, White and Boom celebration is back

Local News

Restaurants have been among the hardest hit of the businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Many are still stuggling to survive but word that the annual Red, White and Boom fireworks show is back is bringing thousands to the waterfront and businesses in that area.

Antonell’s II in Davenport has a perfect viewing spot for Red, White and Boom and they’re excited to see it take place after a year off. Owner Antonia Vitalev is ready for the thousands of people who will show up for Red, White and Boom in just a few month.

“We feel very happy that this is happening again and we can all reunite enjoy the Red White and Boom,” said Vitalev. “In the past it’s been overwhelming with excitement to have everyone down here and all the children playing families get together.”

With lots of families coming to watch the fireworks, Vitalev knows they have a tall task ahead of them.

“We’re going to be cooking lots of pans of lasanga a lot of pastas rolling out and dough,” said Vitalev.

Just next door, Jake Goedert is a bartender at Front Street Brewery, he hopes Red White and Boom is just one of many QC summer events to make a big return.

“Excited we really need the business especially after the flood and COVID,” said Goedert. “We’re really expecting to get really busy down here some events and do the best we can [..] We really expect to knock it out of the park this year.”

Organizers are also working on setting up family activities at Modern Woodmen Park and LeClaire Park for the July 3rd celebration.

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