Davenport’s 3rd and 4th streets — both one way since the 1950s — are closer to welcoming two-way traffic again, and downtown businesses are reacting.

Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie is located on Main Street between 3rd Street and 4th Street.

“It’s past due. It’s like c’mon…. it’s overdue,” said owner Tiphanie Cannon, who added that traffic in the downtown area has been hectic for her business over the years. “We’ve been in business here on Main Street going on nine years now. The one-way traffic — because we’re in the middle of four one-ways — can be a little precarious at times, that’s for sure.”

Not only is she concerned for her customers, but for herself and other drivers as well.

“I’ve been on 3rd Street so many times heading to hit River Drive and I probably three, four times a week see someone turning onto 3rd because they think it’s a two-way,” she said.

Another owner of a company that has been located in the downtown area for over a year now, Russell Maidlow of Allied Barber and Supply, has also noticed what traffic is like and has some concerns.

“There’s just traffic and the odds of you getting hit by a car is pretty high because everybody likes to go left on red from the one way on to the one way and not really pay attention to what they’re doing,” Maidlow said.

Cannon believes the one-ways should have been changed years ago.

“The switch from one-way to two-way streets is something that probably needed to happen 10, 15, maybe 20 years ago,” she said. “The traffic in and out of downtown… it’s like it was in the ’50s, nothing like it was like in the ’50s, and so because in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s, the downtown was such a financial hub people needed to access downtown very, very quickly. There was so much traffic. It’s not like that anymore.”

Most of the businesses that Local 4 News visited Thursday afternoon did not want to share their perspective on camera, but some did share where they stood.

One of them is indecisive about the idea and three are against it, with one owner saying the traffic pattern is fine as is.