Bustos describes ‘terrible’ flight home with part of Capitol mob

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The drama wasn’t over for U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos even when she left Washington D.C. on Thursday.

After the U.S. Capitol was stormed Wednesday by a mob incited by President Donald Trump while Congress was certifying electoral votes — which delayed completion until early Thursday morning –the congresswoman had to endure a rowdy flight to Chicago. Some of the same “so-called patriots,” as Bustos described them, were just seats away, harassing an Asian passenger — “saying horrific things about her” — and calling for more “take overs.”

“It was the most terrible flight I’ve ever been on in my life,” Bustos told Local 4 News Anchor Jim Niedelman in an exclusive interview today. “I could not believe this was happening. The woman stirring it up gets up, takes off her mask and starts yelling, ‘Patriots! Patriots! When you get home this fight has to continue. You have to take over your county GOP party just like the Communists took over the Democratic Party.’ She just goes on and on.”

Bustos said police had to rush to her gate “to deal with the same people who had rushed the Capitol just the day before.”

“There was no place any of us could go,” Bustos said. “I’ve never had to land and the police had to come on the plane to escort one of the people off.”

“They believe these lies,” Bustos said. “They believe that President Trump was elected in an unfair election where votes were stolen — and none of the facts back that up.”

“It was terrible — a terrible experience,” Bustos said.

Watch the full interview with Bustos here, which includes talk of impeachment, the inauguration and the riot at the U.S. Capitol:

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