Busy day for Joe Biden before caucus night

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A busy day for Joe Biden in the greater Quad Cities area just six days before caucus night.

The former vice president began the day in Muscatine. Then, he campaigned in Davenport and ended the day reaching out to voters in Clinton.

“Right now, I’m very undecided on who I’m going to caucus for so I’m trying to get as much information as I can,” said Paul Schumacher, from Fruitland, IA.

Voters are hearing what different presidential candidates have to say, including Joe Biden.

“We need a president who can bring us together, a leader who can unite our party and then go on to unite the country,” Biden said.

Some know exactly who their vote is going to.

“There’s just so many things America needs and Joe is experienced at it all,” said Lynda Smith, from Muscatine, IA. “He has the experience and he knows what the every day person needs.”

“Oh he’s so very experienced, he knows what he’s doing and I believe that’s the kind of president we need,” said Pam Buster, from Muscatine, IA.

While others were swayed after hearing Biden speak.

“We’ve heard so much about Joe Biden and we like what we hear and we want some civility put back in the White House because there is none now,” said Shirley McDaniel, from Muscatine, IA.

“Presidents have to fight, but they also have to heal so it’s not really about me,” Biden said. “When I win it’s not about holding a grudge, it’s about you. It’s about the people who in fact I’m going to be representing.”

No matter who people are voting for, caucus night can make a big impact on the rest of the election.

“That’s one vote, one person you know,” Schumacher said. “Everybody says oh my votes don’t count, well yeah if you don’t vote it don’t count you know so the more people that turn out, discuss stuff with your neighbors and everything, get a feel of each other and then make your decision.”

Biden is continuing to make his rounds in Iowa before caucus night.

He will be in Sioux City and Council Bluffs Wednesday. On the night of the caucus, he plans to be in Des Moines.

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