Local 4 News is getting a new look at Wednesday’s officer-involved shooting in Davenport through a Facebook Live video.

The video was taken by a woman who was in her car at 9th and Iowa streets.

In the video, 37-year-old Bobby Klum can be seen pointing a gun to his head while police try to convince him to drop his gun.

Police told investigators with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations that they first tried a less lethal approach, using rubber bullets, but he didn’t comply.

Eventually, an officer fired his duty weapon.

After firing two rounds, one Davenport police officer shot Klum in the torso.

Local 4’s Kennedy Cook went to the scene of the shooting Thursday to speak with neighbors, including George Butler, who witnessed the entire incident.

Butler was listening to music on his porch, about to go inside his house, when he saw Klum passing through a nearby alley.

“He was walking with a BB gun to his head,” Butler said. “I don’t know why he had the gun.”

Butler says he was in his house, looking out the window, when he heard the shots ring out and saw Klum’s body fall to the ground.

“I heard a boom, and he went down,” Butler said.

Butler and Klum interacted with each other prior to the incident.

“He had just put a starter on his car for his wife, and he came over here to get some tools from me,” Butler said. “He was a good guy.”

Klum was transported to Genesis East Hospital and pronounced dead late Wednesday night.

An autopsy has been scheduled at the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner.