A facility dedicated to healing got a blow to its structure early Friday in Davenport.

A car drove through a building at Palmer College on the Brady street side around 2:30 a.m. at Brady Street and Palmer Drive. The car crashed into the college’s weight room and caused a lot of damage. The gate was smashed through, bricks were knocked out of the building and a light pole was damaged.

According to a news release from Davenport Police, the car left the roadway, traveled over landscaping, through a decorative brick wall and through a glass wall, struck multiple exercise equipment items, and came to a stop inside the structure.

No injuries were reported. Charges are pending in the incident that remains under investigation.

Palmer College spokesperson James O’Connor confirmed the college is in the process of clean-up and assessment of the damages, with the hope of reopening very soon.

“More than 400 people use our facility every day. So, it’s a highly used… iconic building on our campus. We want to get it up and running,” said O’Connor.

He also said Palmer College does not have any information on the driver who hit the building. The incident remains under investigation.

The workout facility is a 4,600-square-foot area that opened in 2017. It one of Palmer College’s newest buildings.