Car crime caught on camera

Local News

Three cars were stolen in Davenport over the weekend.

Two of them were carjackings. A third vehicle was stolen from an apartment parking lot.

The stolen car incident happened at the intersection of East 4th and LeClaire Street.

Surveillance video shows a woman attempting to get in to multiple cars until the door opens for a Chevy Impala.

Tim McDonnell’s car was stolen.

“A young girl came and checked all the cars in the whole building looking for stuff in them or seeing if they had keys in them,” McDonnell said.

He said the spare keys must have been left in the car.

McDonnell is trying to stay positive after the incident.

“I just learned that it’s gonna happen and you can’t get upset over it because it is what it is you know so you just gotta move forward and get on with it,” he said.

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