Carry in style: LeClaire business aims to protect women

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While many businesses shut down during the pandemic, a business in LeClaire that teaches women how to protect themselves and sells the products to do just that opened for the first time.

Mama Bear’s Concealed Carry opened early last month.

Angie Fullmer owns it with her husband.

Fullmer says times are uncertain, and she wants to help women protect themselves.

That also includes helping them choose the right bag carrying their self-defense weapon. Whether it’s a gun, knife or pepper spray.

“You never know what’s going to happen. If you are a woman and you’re by yourself, and if someone comes up to you and grabs you and tries to carry away your children, who is going to protect you,” says Fullmer.

Fullmer’s desire for the business is to help women choose the perfect option so they can feel confident with the way they carry their self-defense weapon.

“A lot of my customers will say you kind of know if it’s a concealed carry bag because it is kind of blingy. There is a stigma attached to them. I actually started this business with the idea that they’re not like that,” says Fullmer.

Carrie Prowant is a customer. She says living in a world with many uncertainties, it’s important to protect yourself.

Prowant says, “I want to make sure I have the right product for my needs, and to make sure it also looks good.”

That’s the goal to carry in style.

“This isn’t about guns, this isn’t about firearms and protecting yourself,” Fullmer says.

Fullmer also holds concealment carry classes.

With social distancing being the norm right now, classes are at half capacity.

She also plans to add self-defense classes as well.

For more information, visit her Facebook page here.

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