This month, Casey’s is asking its guests and team members to join them and Monster Energy in continuing the fight against food insecurity.

As part of the retailer’s long-standing partnership with Feeding America, Casey’s has a goal of donating 17 million meals to children and families facing hunger across the heartland in 2022., according to a Wednesday release.

Casey’s and Feeding America are working together to provide 17 million meals to communities like the Quad Cities.

In honor of the #HereForGood mission to give back to its local communities, Casey’s is inviting guests to participate in a round-up at the register campaign. Nationally, each dollar donated equates to 10 meals distributed. Feeding America’s robust network of food banks enables donations to be allocated directly to 52 different local food banks across Casey’s 16-state footprint. 

Casey’s stores in the Quad Cities are participating in the effort through February.

“Hunger and food insecurity are increasingly prevalent challenges for many Americans, especially those living in rural areas where the pandemic has intensified food insecurity,” Ena Williams, chief operating officer of Casey’s, said in the company release. “Through Casey’s partnership with Feeding America and the generosity of our guests, we can financially support the fundamental need for food in our local communities. These donations can make a lasting, positive impact on those most in need during this critical time.” 

With the pandemic only further increasing food insecurity nationwide, communities need support now more than ever. According to the USDA, more than 38 million people in the U.S., including 12 million children, are food insecure. Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks across the country serves over 40 million Americans every year. 

“The fight against hunger grows more important as the pandemic continues to impact communities across the country,” said Lauren Biedron, vice president of Corporate Partnerships at Feeding America. “We are proud to work with partners, like Casey’s, that are truly committed to helping our neighbors who live with food insecurity.” 

The Casey’s collaboration with Feeding America so far has resulted in 15 million meals being donated across the U.S.

Since their partnership launched in 2020, Casey’s and Feeding America have donated over 15 million meals alone as a result of their collaboration and Casey’s guests’ donations to combat hunger.  

This year, Casey’s guests also have the opportunity to look good while doing good. In collaboration with RAYGUN, there are T-shirt designs available for purchase to benefit this fight against hunger. Each purchase of a Casey’s T-shirt will result in $5 donated directly to Feeding America. 

Casey’s operates over 2,400 convenience stores, including 15 locations in the Quad Cities. To learn more about how to join Casey’s and Feeding America in this effort, visit