Caucus spectators coming in from all over the nation

Local News

People all over the country are watching on TV and social media what happens in Iowa while others getting a closer look in person.

Some have come in from other states to volunteer for candidates, while others are watching as an educational experience.

For some, they’re here to learn about the caucus process first hand, like high schooler Irene Xu, whose Chicago-area high school government class took a field trip.

“I think it’s really cool, like you actually get to talk to people about your opinions, you understand why people are voting for the candidate that they’re voting for.”

Next month’s primaries in Illinois will be the first time Xu will be able to vote.

For others, like Torben Hennigs, who lives in Washington DC, it’s a chance to see how the process differs from DC political climate–and other countries’.

“Knocking on doors in Iowa, couple of days before the caucus. You meet people who are really wrestling with the responsibilities they have, and you know, they know the candidates, they know the issues, and they take their responsibility very seriously,” Hennigs said. “It’s cool to interact with them and sort of see if you can help them out and make a decision or figure out how to get to the polls, and so it’s a really fascinating process.”

Another caucus watcher, who’s helping organize, from Illinois is hoping for big things from his candidate.

“Here tonight, to support Senator Warren,” Michael Frerichs, Illinois’ treasurer said. “But for the next month and a half, for the Illinois primary, we’ll be campaigning in Illinois. I think she’s got a plan for consumer protection, for making sure more students have affordable access to higher education, and I think she’s the candidate that can root out corruption in DC.”

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